Illusion TV/Movie Universe (Pitch Bible)

Illusion (Media Universe)

This is a pitch bible dealing with the TV and film universe I created called the Illusion. This universe centres around the idea of a battle between spirituality versus materialism. That will be the core theme of all the movies and TV show that I have listed below. This universe should be seen and programmed on online subscribing outlets like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or HBO MAX. The reason why is that many of these movies are directly related to the same world as the TV show and these outlets have shown to have an open mind to these types of universes. The Illusion universe revolves around a group of secretive individuals called the Illuminati circumventing power from the world and slowly creating their own world government by brainwashing the masses, killing individuals who threaten their rising power and publicly targeting them with covert means.

This media universe starts off with the Illusion prequel movie which is situated in the 31st century. After the movie ends, it kicks off the first season of the Illusion TV show which is situated in the 21st Century. The main character of the movie travels back in time to stop history from repeating itself. The movie and the first season is a year apart in the storyline for the main character. The show is different from the rest of the movies because not only does it live-action but also anime fighting scenes as well. Think of the X-Files fused with DragonBall Z. The majority of the fight scenes will be in anime because that’s how the villains and heroes of the show would usually throw down. They initiate it by slamming their hand on a solid footing and their entire surroundings transform from reality to anime which is called “Astral-Anime” cyber fighting. This type of fighting mixed with the conspiracy thriller this show will produce will revolutionize how people will watch this show.

The rest of the movies will be spaced in between the seasons of the show. Some can be standalone and others can be directly related to the show with completely unrelated characters. All the movies will directly acknowledge events that have happened in the show which will make sure to the viewers that they are all in the same universe.

  Other films that are part of the Illusion Media Universe

  1. War-Mart: Comedy about associates and management of Wal-Mart
  2. The End Times: A suspense action thriller that details the Islamic final days on Earth
  3. The So-Called Expert: A comedy based on a loser giving romantic advice on people’s personal lives
  4. Yesterday’s Shadows: A horror movie that deals with the aftermath of the 1993 US invasion of Somalia
  5. Transcript: A Suspense that deals with a doppelganger’s last act of revenge
  6. The Last Lesson: A University student spies on a professor who is suspected to be a foreign terrorist
  7. Binocular: Deals with one man’s journey of life is being seen through one man’s nightmare

Yesterday’s Shadows: Takes place in 1993 during the US military attack in Somalia. During the operation, two U.S. UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters were shot down by rocket-propelled grenades, and three others were damaged. Some of the soldiers were able to evacuate wounded back to the compound, but others were trapped at the crash sites and cut off. An urban battle ensued throughout the night. One of the fellow soldiers grabs a rocket launcher and mistakenly thought he was aiming at a militia gunman but shot the rocket straight at a bunch of children and teens. That image scared him and his battalion for 10 years until a reporter starts digging into what really happened and slowly finds out an eerie shadow looming over the incident and killing off those particular troops one by one. That eerie shadow isn’t just a metaphor….its the real deal.

Characters: Reporter, editor, lead soldier, soldiers wife, 6 soldiers

Setting: Mogadishu, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles

Transcript: On April 1, 2010, a young man wanted to pull a prank of a lifetime by sending everybody a text that he got in a car accident, little did fate show that he indeed did get in a car accident but was mysteriously was switched places by a doppelgänger who reassured everybody that it was a prank to relieve the anxiety and tension from that prank. What nobody knows now is that the doppelgänger has a score to settle with the young man and nobody will stand in his way.   

The Last Lesson: Takes place at Yale University where a very smart and talented math student is literally aspiring to be a CIA operative but is on the verge of getting booted out of the school cause of debt and lower grades. He is given one shot to have all these troubles cleaned out by spying one of the most outspoken, revered and respected professors on campus by the CIA, who believe is causing turmoil and is in league with foreign governments and terrorist groups. He has one month to gather all the intelligence on him or else he will be the one thrown in prison. Trouble is that after getting to know the professor he can’t seem to pull the trigger…and time is running out.

Main Characters

Patrick Sullivan: A very talented Math Student aspiring to be a CIA operative but lacks the motivation to finish school and pay off his loan debt. He is recruited by the CIA to spy on Prof. Bana as they believe he is a terrorist and in league with foreign governments.

Professor Thomas Bana: One of the most respected professors at Yale University. Very outspoken and controversial of the US government and World Politics. He takes Patrick under his wing as he sees serious potential and really open up his mind to the world around him and show that not everything is black and white.

Illusion: Prequel Movie

The 31st Century

The United Core has consolidated most of the Earth’s natural resources and is battling the last remnants of a faction called The Bloc. The battle that both these groups are engaged in is nothing the world has ever seen.  It’s virtual anime warfare.  The reason these groups are fighting is that The Bloc used to be the 5 elite countries that ran the United Nations over 1000 years ago; the United States, China, Russia, the United Kingdom and France. They were defeated in World War 3 at the end of the 21st Century by a mysterious shadow group that worked behind the scenes for millennia. They took over the United Nations and renamed it the United Core, created a one-world government that is situated in Antarctica and has been battling the Bloc ever since.

So this type of virtual anime warfare is key to how the United Core has dominated the world for over 1000 years. Any cyber soldier (from United Core or the Bloc) initiates the battle by placing their hand on any solid structure, the entire area turns into a Cyber “animation” zone which stretches as far and wide as it needs to be. Whoever is trained in this type of combat has immense strength, speed and fighting ability. They can also fly and burst out energy blasts by harnessing the astral projection aura that surrounds their bodies. 

So the movie starts with the main character M being tortured and questioned by United Core at a secret torture prison in the Middle East. M has suffered excruciated pain and is dealing with a massive dose of amnesia. He doesn’t know who he is or why he’s being tortured at a prison. The prison gets attacked by a renegade group of The Bloc led by a charismatic leader named Enzo. After they defeat the soldiers, they free the prisoners and M quietly escapes from all the chaos surrounding the breakout. Enzo quietly follows M and confronts him on where he’s heading. M never gives him eye contact and never responds to his questions. All the prisoners join the renegade hover ships except M who stays behind without saying a word. Enzo tells his men to go on without him and that he’ll stay behind with M. Enzo and M leave and head straight for the nearest city, Constantinople. Enzo initiates the Cyber Zone and flies straight there while grabbing on to M.

Once they arrive there, the city is showcased as the beacon of the progressive United Core Empire. The city is over-sexualized where to the point it is the law for people to marry within their own family to preserve the lineage of their bloodline just like the powers behind the United Core did long ago. Religion has long been dead and the people who live in the United Core worship celebrities and leaders in past history. Enzo and M disguise themselves and head for a small house within the heart of the city. Enzo tells M they are meeting an old friend of his that will help them out with M and his memory loss.

They meet a man who introduces himself as a defector of the United Core and has been secretly helping The Bloc for years. Enzo explains to him that he’s been sent by his superiors to attack a specific prison and retrieve a prisoner that fits M’s description, and he wants to know why. The defector examines M for a while with high tech machinery and concludes that M might be a former high-level United Core cyber soldier who suffered from amnesia based on the severe torture he endured. The defector heals up M and tries to question him. M doesn’t say one word and never gives eye contact to anybody.

The defector tells Enzo that there isn’t much he can do on his end and tells him he’ll need to send him to the closest Bloc base to have M fully healed and examined. Once they leave the defector’s home they are ambushed by cyber soldiers and they initiate a cyber fight with Enzo and M. M is told by Enzo to hide while he fights off the soldiers. Enzo pulls out his legendary weapon “The Seven-Branched Sword” by materializing through the palm of his left hand. In a cocky way, he baits the soldiers to attack him all at once. He quickly dispatches all of them in a matter of 2 minutes by quickly killing them one by one with his killer speed. After defeating them Enzo informs M that they must leave the city at once before more soldiers arrive at the scene.

M and Enzo start to head towards Enzo’s base of operations when a few of his men greet and inform him that they got intel of where the United Core’s secret base of operations is located. As soon as they get that info their base has been attacked by United Core. Enzo is critically wounded after being blindsided by one of his men. After witnessing that, M suddenly remembers who he is right away and starts to attack the United Core soldiers by initiating astral projection. After a gruelling battle M grabs one the soldiers and asks them where his wife is being captured. The soldier responds that they don’t know and M violently blunges his face with rage. He asks the soldier again where his wife is and the soldier says that he doesn’t know but that all top prisoners are located at United Core headquarters. After hearing that, M falls unconsciously out of exhaustion from the astral projection.

M is taken to a water-filled chamber to rest and heal up his injuries. While in an unconscious state M remembers romantic memories of his wife but then it turns dark. He wakes up in pure rage and bursts out of the chamber. He flies out of the base and heads straight for the United Core headquarters and Enzo follows behind him in intrigue and asking M if he’s ok and to find out how he regained his memory. M tells Enzo to back off and that it isn’t his fight.

They arrive at the United Core headquarters which is located at the heart of the Indian Ocean and is greeted with 1000 soldiers standing at the gate. Enzo tells M to rescue his wife and he’ll handle the soldiers. Enzo has a lengthy astral animated projection battle with the soldiers while M heads to the headquarters. M is greeted with soldiers and he takes them out one by one till he reaches the top floor. He kicks down the door and a man sitting at the throne tells him to enter and that he’s been expecting him.

M demand that he has his wife released and the United Core leader tells M if he defeats his masked soldier than he’ll release his wife. M battles and kills the soldier instantly. He turns to the leader and tells him to release his wife. The leader tells M that he did release his wife and points at the soldier M killed. M in tears crawls to the dead body of his wife he just killed while the leader goes on a verbal diatribe talking about his past and how he is directly responsible for how he shaped this dystopian world they live in right now. M demands to know who the hell he is and the leader replies that his name is Iblis but he’s known throughout history as the Devil. M responds that he doesn’t know who he is and that he doesn’t care. He slowly stands up and yells to Iblis that he will kill him. Iblis responds to him to bring it cause he would love to kill the last son of Adam.

The epic fight between Iblis and M starts instantly with regular fist fighting and then it transforms into the astral projecting plane while Enzo is also fighting the soldiers in the exact same plane. After a lengthy battle, a fatally injured Enzo defeats the soldiers and watches the battle between Iblis and M.

After exercising the final blow to Iblis, he tells M that he can’t kill him because he’s immortal but he’ll make sure that the past will be rewritten so this ending will never happen again. Iblis gives a visual signal to his scientist from afar and he creates a portal and escapes through it. M grabs Iblis by the throat and tells him where that scientist ran off to and Iblis tells him the past in a laughing tone. An injured Enzo grabs M and tells him that he knows someone who can help him follow the scientist. They fly back to Enzo’s base and Enzo tells him to see the defector they met earlier and that he has the time machine. Enzo collapses to the floor and passes out in the pain.

M flies off back to the city and heads to the defector’s home. He informs the defector of the situation and the defector tells him to get in the machine. He tells M that he found the century that the scientist landed in and tells him its the 21st century. M says he doesn’t care and the defector hits the button and sends M back to the past, the 21st Century.

Illusion Short Film (Pre-TV Show)

21st Century: the Year 2016

Aaron Riley is a controversial professor who has spewed unconventional opinions and conspiracy theories over the past 20 years. He’s been at the forefront of many backlashes not only from his hometown in Toronto but also all across Canada as well. Many people in the media have labelled him a nut-job, moron and also a deluded fantasy slob. Many of his fans have labelled him a warrior, soldier and revolutionary who is slowly changing the national discourse one day at a time. He chooses not to defend himself over the years because he believes the issues he’s addressing are not about him, it’s the world we’re living in.

Sophia Regal is a highly respected freelance journalist who has reported the biggest news facing Canada and the world over a span of 30 years. She has interviewed celebrities, politicians, business leaders, and other walks of life but holds no punches with tough questions. But when news reports from different parts of the country are reporting about killings and murders that are linking to Aaron’s rants on his radio show to fight tyranny, she has no choice but to interview the man. She’s been one of the people in the media who have denounced his views and promised never to interview him of fear she will give him a platform to spew more hatred.

Sophia contacts Aaron’s agent and sets up the interview not only at his office but also at his house. He demands to have it shot live in fear that his image would be distorted in the media. 

TV Show: Illusion

21st Century: the Year 2017


It’s a mashup of the shows 24 & the X-Files with the anime fighting of Dragon-Ball Z and Bleach.


1. ”History was written by the winners…until the future steered its course”

2. ”Fear, Terror and War clouded his century in darkness, so he travels to ours to stop the inevitable”


A 31st Century renegade enters the 21st Century in order to stop a secret group from creating a one-world government and to stop history from repeating itself.


Mostly Metal Rock music like Linkin Park, Saliva, Puddle of Mudd, Thousand Foot Krunch, Seether, Disturbed, Disciple, Egypt Central, Pillar and Drowning Pool.


Main Characters



After the events of the prequel movie, M arrived in the 21st century and has been chasing the escaped 31st century United Core scientist for a year. He lands in Toronto, Canada and resides in a local mosque in the heart of downtown to keep a low profile. He gathers more intel on his surroundings and locates the scientist. The character is African. Expert in Astral-Anime Fighting. 


Liana Ming

A CIA operative who is spying on the local mosque M is situated in for terrorist activities. She poses as a librarian across the street to keep tabs on M who’s been getting red flags from the intelligence community. The character is Asian. Will be trained in Astral-Anime Fighting in Season 2 by M.


Ray “10 Shots” Rivera

The brash young cocky Internet MMA fighter. He fights in the hottest illegal underground cage fighting system on the internet. He’s a flashy, charismatic showman that finishes fights in 10 shots or less and also drinks 10 shots of alcohol at a time. Outside the cage, he uses his earnings to take care of his special needs sister Mandy.  He can be compared to Connor McGregor and King Mo Lawal. The character is Hispanic. Will be trained in Astral-Anime Fighting in Season 2 by M. 


Cassidy “Miss C” Thompson

The hottest pop star in Canada. Mostly just-drinks, party and entertain her fans in any way possible for massive publicity no matter what the cost, if it damages her public perception or anger the majority for her controversial messages. She slowly transforms into a Manchurian Candidate for the Illuminati. She can be compared to Taylor Swift and Britney Spears. The character is caucasian. Will be trained in Astral-Anime Fighting in Season 3 by Ray.


Albert “A.I.” Irwin

He’s one of the biggest hacktivists in the world. A video game junkie, who frequently posts on social websites like 4Chan, Reddit and Facebook. He also divulges into conspiracy theories in these blogs and is certain that the world he knows will crumble into pieces. He can be compared to Aaron Swartz and Edward Snowden. The character is an Arab Jew who has turned agnostic. Will be trained in Astral-Anime Fighting in Season 4 by M.

Secondary Characters 

Eric Walsh

A controversial TV commentator and establishment Media Hawk. He is the face and voice of the Cable Television Corporation (CTC) that is not only national but broadcasted internationally as well. He deals with issues that are plaguing the world and put’s his own controversial spin on it just to boost ratings. Most of the time he usually ignores what’s really happening with the world and divulges into issues he seems to discuss which are usually about nothing. More of an establishment hack. He can be compared to Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck.

Lester Walker

Former Oil Tycoon billionaire who is trying to run as Prime Minister of Canada as an independent. Is being funded by shadow bankers who are directly working with the Illuminati. He can be compared to Donald Trump. 

Aaron Riley

A highly touted Professor at the University of Toronto and internet radio host and personality. He researches strange occurring events locally, nationally and even globally and airs his opinions on it to inform the public. He can be compared to David Icke.

John Doe

He heads the secretive operations for the Illuminati within the city of Toronto by orchestrating the drug war, manipulating some aspects of the economy and the political arena in order to create a police state within Canada.

Recurring Characters

  1. The Lady in Red: A seductive attractive woman dressed in red who helps out John Doe in social engineering. She was the whore of Babylon in the ancient past but rose the ranks of the Illuminati. She is the Illuminati’s top fighter. She can be compared to Kim Kardashian. (Season 1 – 5). Trained in Astral-Anime Fighting by Iblis.
  2. Ramon “R2” Ramirez: Underground rapper and brother of Ray Ramirez. An example of this character would be the Immortal Technique. (Season 1 – 5)
  3. Sophia Regal: Investigative reporter. An example of this character would be Abby Martin. (Season 1 – 5)
  4. Imam Mustafa Ahmad: The religious leader of the Toronto Mosque. An example of this character would be Hamza Yusuf. (Season 1 – 5)
  5. Clip: Top Assasin for United Core but is directly working for the Illuminati. (Season 2 – 3). Trained in Astral-Anime Fighting by Lady in Red.
  6. The Sufyani: A former Islamic terrorist who now has become an atheist and created an anarchist group called the Sias which is indirectly being funded the Illuminati. (Season 1 – 3). Will be trained in Astral-Anime Fighting by Lady in Red.
  7. The Annunaki: They are the fore-fathers of the Illuminati and are also part of Iblis’s inner circle. (Season 3 – 4). Trained in Astral-Anime Fighting by Iblis.
  8. Iblis: The devil from the Abrahamic religions and M’s arch-nemesis from the future. (Season 4 – 5). Master in Astral-Anime Fighting.
  9. W: M’s deceased wife from the future. (Season 5). Trained in Astral-Anime Fighting by Iblis.
  10. Enzo: The charismatic leader from the Bloc comes from the future to help M. (Season 5). Expert in Astral-Anime Fighting.



  • A secretive war is taking place in the city masked underneath the headlines of the day.
  • Every episode has an anime fight which is called astral projecting. Fights initiate by releasing the astral energy to your surroundings and creating an animation worldly plane. Fights end by killing your enemy or incapacitating them with astral energy blasts. 
  • The shadow banking of the drug and gang war in the city and tampering of the medical supplies.
  • Mysterious planes flying over the city spraying exhaust every day causing citizens to feel sick or disoriented.


1. The mosque where M lives and prays at.

2. The library across the street where the mosque is located.

3. A children park where not only M goes to collect his thoughts but also John Doe does as well.

4. The University of Toronto where Professor Riley and Albert Irwin attend.

5. The downtown core area where all the clubs and parties are for Ray Rivera and Miss C.

6. The huge underground bunker underneath the City of Toronto where John Dough resides.

7. The CTC news building where Eric Walsh works.


First Season

  1. M is hunting down the 31st Century scientist from contacting with the United Core and handing them the futuristic technology to enslave the planet. He befriends the local Imam of the mosque he lives in temporarily while he works with a conspiratorial professor on helping him locate the scientist.
  2. Liana Ming is slowly gathering intel on M and has concerns that he might be a terrorist planning out his attacks in the mosque he lives in.
  3. Albert Irwin located a data dump on the dark web, which turns out to be the digital footprint of the United Core scientist. He contacts a reporter about the dump, the reporter ends up dead. He investigates.
  4. Miss C is having massive mental blackouts which are turning her into a Manchurian candidate who kills specific people who are interfering in the United Core’s plans.
  5. Ray Rivera has his rapper brother and special needs sister held hostage by an Anarchistic terrorist group. They want him to lead a group of other prisoners to plan and attack a few secret US military bases outside of Toronto.
  6. John Doe is a minion of the United Core. His main job is to eliminate M at all costs and also to thwart any issue in Canada that hurt the United Core in any kind of way.


  1. M establishes a new cover in a local mosque at the heart of downtown. While he’s trying to hunt down the United Core scientist he tracks down Professor Riley for help, meanwhile CIA agent Liana Ming surveys the mosque as an undercover coffee shop barista.
  2. Canadian Pop Star Miss C is getting ready to host the Junos 8 days before the event starts but is starting to have massive blackouts every 8 hours and wakes up at a completely different location. Meanwhile, M has been tracking her suspicious movements in order to lead him to the United Core secret base.
  3. Ray Ramirez gets ready for the big one night underground fighting tournament which will be hosted on the internet. He’s told by a secretive group who’s kidnapped his special needs sister to throw the fight at the finals or else she dies.
  4. Albert Irwin downloads a huge file from the dark web which contains plans of the Canadian Government secretly creating underground prisons throughout the country. He tries to contact a reporter friend for the inside scoop but she mysteriously gets killed and his life is in danger.
  5. Oil tycoon Lester Walker is being pushed to run as a politician by his special lady in red for favours down the line. When he starts to have second thoughts about it, his headquarters is attacked by a terrorist group.
  6. The city of Toronto is rocked to the core by the recent terrorist attacks and start turning against the Muslims in the city, especially the mosque M is living in. Agent Ming notices certain suspicious individuals skulking around the area secretly.
  7. The Juno’s have arrived with Miss C hosting the show but it’s put to a halt when the Toronto Police start questioning her with the mysterious death of her agent. Meanwhile, the same terrorist group who attacked days earlier, who pronounce themselves The Sias hijack the Juno’s for their political cause.
  8. Ray still mourning the loss of his sister teams up with his estranged older brother rapper Ramon “R2” Ramirez to hunt down they believe to be responsible for her murder, his rival in the rap industry: J-Shot.
  9. Still, in hiding after the failed assassination attempt on his life, Albert Irwin contacts the only person he believes that will help him out: conspiracy theorist Professor Aaron Riley. M tries to see if the people trying to kill Irwin are connected to United Core.
  10. Agent Liana Ming gets a shoot to kill order by her boss on the person who’s been living in the mosque for a month, M.
  11. After going hysterical and screaming that people are trying to kill her, Miss C has a massive seizure and is rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, public support is growing for the political campaign of Lester Walker and Ray Ramirez is captured after getting too close to the death of his sister.
  12. M finally finds the United Core underground base with the help of Riley and Irwin, while Agent Ming is slowly tracking his movements and planning to kill him on site.       

This show will consist of 12 episodes for 5 seasons.

Season 2 will divulge more into the aftermath of the Season 1 ending. All main characters have their minds wiped clean after the events of season 1 and one year has passed. All 5 of the main characters will form a group to combat the Illuminati.

M and the other characters have their own base of operations to combat the Pyramid (a sub-group of the Illuminati). M and Liana start to develop feelings for each other after the events of Season 1, this will be a slow tease for many episodes.
Cassidy is contemplating suicide after the events of Season 1, especially finding out she was a mindless killing tool for the Illuminati.
A.I. breaks out of his shell and tries to be the leader of the group
Ray feels like an outsider for the first time in his life after being the center of attention before it. He can’t handle the change.

Topics and Locations for season 2: Hollow Earth, The Pyramids of Egypt, The Nazca lines, Atlantis, Stonehenge, The Spirit Cave Mummy, Dylotv Pass and Mu or Lemuria.

Season 3 will deal with the “supposed” death of M by the hands of the Illuminati hitman Clip. All four of the main characters split apart and dealing with the ramifications of M’s “death”.  Cassidy ventures to Hollywood to restart her celebrity career while hunting down leads on who was responsible for turning her into a Manchurian Candidate. Liana is considered a rogue agent by the CIA after she disappeared by the end of season 1. She basically transforms into Jason Bourne and is on the run from company assassins.  Albert is dealing with the ramifications of being doxxed by the Illuminati through the media and was subsequently arrested and will be in a televised court trial on his actions if either he’s a journalist or a “hacktivist/terrorist “. Ray is in South America where he joins an MMA gym that might be funded by a cartel that is indirectly connected to the Illuminati.

M is still alive but is lurking in the shadows and helps out all the characters in the end while looking to rematch with Clip.

Topics and locations for Season 3: The Dulce Base-New Mexico, The Majestic 12, The bible code, Vatican secret archives/assassins, Nikola Tesla, The fountain of youth.

Season 4 will deal with the defeat and death of Clip and the arrival of M’s former arch-nemesis Iblis who is actually the devil. Iblis commands that the Illuminati put a bounty on all the heads of M and his friends. He implements his final plan to turn the world into the horror M lived through in the 31st Century. The world is slowly transforming by each episode while our heroes do what they can to stop it.

Season 5 is the final season of the series and it deals with Iblis and the aftermath of his loss in his monumental battle with M for the fate of the world. Little does M know that Iblis has one more trick up his sleeve and that he’ll be introducing the world to their saviour: M’s deceased wife brought back to life. Will M fight his former love who happens to be the Anti-Christ or will his history become our future?


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